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Man Down Systems and Lone Worker Alarms

man down systems The Sentry system by CISCOR utilizes wireless pendants that notify the proper emergency response persons if the employee becomes unconscious or injured. Many commercial and industrial facilities need notification that a staff person has fallen as the result of an environmental hazard or threat. The lone worker - man down alarm system transmitter beeps for a short amount of time to signal the wearer that an alarm is about to be transmitted. This works to avoid false alarms for non-emergency events such as picking a tool up off the ground. The Sentry system activates the emergency man down alarm notification (lone worker alarm) when a wireless pendant finds itself in a horizontal position (i.e. the person carrying it inhales toxic fumes or is attacked and falls to the ground). The wireless pendant can also be activated by pressing a button. As an option, emergency man down notification system pendants may be equipped with a high security pull lanyard that activates the system pendant should an attempt be made to forcibly remove it from the person carrying it. This is useful for psychiatric wards and corrections facilities.

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Intelligent repeaters have a line-of-site range of about 2500 feet (outdoors and no obstacles). This allows for expansive facilities and campuses to be effectively secured. Wireless repeaters are totally wireless and require only a standard 110 vac outlet or attach them to photovoltaic solar panel. Wireless repeaters provide the framework of the Sentry emergency man down system - lone worker security system.


lone worker alarm No wiring is required for locators except for a standard 110vac plug. As an option, locators may be fitted with a solar panel. Wireless locators can be installed in key places such as store rooms, work rooms, hallways, gathering rooms, parking lots and garages, walking trails or any place where location of a person in trouble is required. The Sentry system will provide the location of the person who has activated their wireless pendant.

Pendant Supervision

If a wireless pendant has been hit too often and stops working, the system software will generate a supervisory alert indicating which device should be checked. Low battery conditions are also indicated approximately 2 weeks prior to battery failure. Employee's lives depend on the emergency man down notification - lone worker system. This makes supervision of the pendants and system components vital. The CISCOR Sentry system constantly monitors all pendants, locators and repeaters for operational readiness.

900 MHz Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping

If interference occurs in one part of the radio spectrum, the signal can still get through in another part. This assures the highest level of dependability that is available with today's cutting edge technology. It also leverages the power of the transmitters. The Sentry can operate with ten times more power in the 900 MHz band than older low band narrow channel systems. This provides an extremely reliable emergency man down notification system (lone worker alarm). The Sentry uses state-of-the-art spread spectrum frequency hopping rf technology. The military first developed this technique to eliminate interference and jamming of important radio traffic. This is done by randomly hopping through many different frequencies spread over a wide radio spectrum.

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